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High Bond SBR Construction Chemicals

High Bond SBR Construction Chemicals

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Packaging Type Plastic Barrels, Drums Tanker
Packaging Size 0-5kg, 10-15 kg 15-20kg, 20-25kg and 50-100kg
Grade Technical Grade
Specific Gravity 1.38
Features Longer Shelf Life
Quality Superior
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Location United Arab Emirates

HIGHBOND SBR is a high performance, non-redispersible, Styrene Butadiene Rubber latex designed bonding agent and multipurpose admixture for cementitious systems which enhances water and abrasion resistance and increase durability. HIGH BOND SBR Waterproof Bonding Agent is ideal for use in internal and external renderings, flooring screeds and patch repairs. It can be used internally or externally where improvements in the physical properties of Portland cements systems are required.


  • Increases durability and flexibility
  • Ensures bonding of floor toppings, renders and repairs
  • Reduces shrinkage and cracking
  • Increased durability and toughness.
  • High resistance to water penetration.
  • Good abrasion resistance and proven performance
  • Good resistance to many chemicals, frost, salt and to mineral oil.
  • Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete.
  • Adheres well to brick, glass, asphalt, wood, expanded polystyrene etc
  • Prolonged corrosion protection.
  • Similar thermal expansion and modulus
  • properties to concrete (unlike resin mortars and primers).
  • Non-toxic. Can be used with potable water.

Application Field

  • For external rendering.
  • For general concrete repair
  • For plasters in swimming pools, fountains and water storage tanks .
  • For laying industrial flooring, Screening and Roofing.
  • For waterproofing and tanking
  • For corrosion protection of steel

Conforms to ASTM C 1059, Type II

Surface Preparation
All surfaces must be sound, clean, free from dust, grease, oil and loose materials. Surfaces with high suction should be thoroughly dampened before application. Any excess water should be removed from the surface before application. Sands used in the mixes should be well graded, clean, sharp sands, and should conform to the appropriate standards.

Hot, exposed or very absorbent surfaces should bed dampened prior to application or priming with a mix of 1:8 bond and water. Washed aggregate and sand particle sizes should also correspond to the thickness of mortar to be applied and the required surface finish. SBR is compatible with manual mixing or misers of rotating blades. Agitation should be minimized to maintain good densities and avoid penetration of air.For better effects all applications other than those sprayed on renders, a bonding primer coat 1:1 (HIGHBOND SBR : Water) is recommended. This can be brushed into the prepared surface and fresh mortar should be applied while the bonding coat is still wet. If it is water resisting renders please ensure that two priming coats are applied at right angles to a minimum and normal thickness of 1.5mm.

General Mix Mortars

  • Cement : 25Kgs
  • Sand : 75Kgs
  • Highbond SBR : 5ltrs


  • Minimum water to attain desired workability (1:1 up to 1:4 HIGHBOND SBR & Water)where improved properties are required for thick bed mortar and renders above 15mm thickness, increase the latex use in the above ratio with HIGHBOND SBR to 7.5 Ltrs.
  • Where Chemical resistance is required such as Battery Rooms, Water Treatment Areas etc. increase SBR according to the above ratio with HIGHBOND SBR to 10 Ltrs.
  • Where only thin bedding is required mortars should employ richer cement/stand approaching 1:1 sand: Cement and SBR at 5 Ltrs per 25Kgs of Cement with water to the desired consistency.
  • Repairs to Concrete: Apply priming coat (1:1 water) and allow to be tacky. Proceed to patch up repairs using a standard mix or one part Portland cement 2.5 parts clean and washed sharp sand missed to approximate consistency with one part SBR and three parts of water.
  • As plaster Bonding Agent: For gypsum, light weight gypsum and anhydrous plasters, seal the surfaces as required and prime with a solution of 1:1 (SBR: Water) till it becomes tacky and plaster straight on to the tacky surface in usual mode.
  • For heavier rendering and cementitious toppings, Key Coat (Slurry Bond Coat) is compulsory.
  • Key coat is prepared at 1:1(HIGHBOND SBR: Cement) with minimum make up water to provide brushable consistency. Apply to form a tacky coat and plaster straight on the tacky surface.

Highbond SBR
Is recommended in view of its high strength and water resistance for - Exterior Plastering & 2. High Grade Interior Plastering.

Clean all equipment with water immediately after use

200 Litre Drums and 20 Ltr Pails/Jerry Cans

Health & Safety Instruction

  • Non Hazardous. if ingested seek medical advice . is essentially non hazardous in normal use. For further
  • information please refer to Health and Safety data sheets available on request.

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