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FeriCoat E2600 Protective Coatings & Sealers

FeriCoat E2600 Protective Coatings & Sealers

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Packaging Type Plastic Barrels, Drums Tanker
Packaging Size 0-5kg, 10-15 kg 15-20kg, 20-25kg and 50-100kg
Grade Technical Grade
Specific Gravity 1.38
Features Longer Shelf Life
Quality Superior
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Location United Arab Emirates

FERICOAT – E2600 is a two-component, high-performance solvent free epoxy based protective coating acceptable for either topside or in constant submersion duty. t provides excellent adhesion, chemical resistance, hardness and durability in harsh or abusive environments making it a favorite in many commercial applications. A government spec formula so you know you are getting the best! Use FERICOAT – E2600 wherever salt air and abusive weather conditions require an exceptionally hard, highly durable rust preventative epoxy barrier coating. It provides outstanding protection in virtually all interior and exterior applications. Intended for use on all metals, wood, fiberglass, aluminum, composite materials, concrete and masonry. Acceptable for use on hulls, bulkheads, decks, machinery, high traffic areas, control panels, cabinets, material handling equipment, gangways and ramps. Use it to refinish and protect water tanks and piping. Apply using brush, roller or spray (conventional, airless or electrostatic).


  • A barrier coating acceptable for use above or below the waterline.
  • Provides outstanding resistance to chemicals and spilled fuel.
  • Produces an exceptionally hard scuff resistant finish.
  • Provides superior adhesion, hardness and durability.
  • Self leveling formula reduces brush and roller marks.
  • Produces beautiful finish available in 100 colors plus clear.
  • The hard, tough, durable finish offers unsurpassed stain, chemical, and abrasion resistance
  • Extreme chemical resistant
  • FERICOAT Epoxy coatings are extensively utilized in protective coatings due to their generally high level of mechanical properties, corrosion protection and chemical resistance. In the last few decades epoxy coatings have evolved from high VOC systems to more environmentally friendly technologies with high solids solvent-free coatings Rather, FERICOAT – E2600 provide unique technical solutions to overcome well known problems that have remained unsolved for many years in our industry, like adhesion to, blistering promoted by osmotic pressure, poor stain resistance against acidic foods, and color stability

Application Factors
The various factors which play a significant role in influencing the performance of a coating system applied to a substrate include the shape, absorbency, dryness, chemical reactivity, flexibility, temperature and texture

Recommented Preparation
For best results remove old paint, loose scale, wax, oil and contaminates. Sand or scuff all surfaces prior to the application of any primer or coating. Fiberglass, aluminum, concrete, masonry and stainless steel, galvanized steel - strongly recommend the use of FERICOAT – E2600. All wood surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and dry before the application of primer or coatings. Steel: All surfaces must be thoroughly dry and free of contaminates before the application of any primer or marine paint.

FERICOAT – E2600 supplied as two components, comprising part A and part B. Part B is added to Part A prior to the application and requires mechanical stirring. This mixture can be applied. Brush roller or good result also attained by spraying. Application of an undercoat will provide depth in color and durability to the finished surface. Use the largest Brush possible. Long flexible bristles are best and a good technique is the criss-cross method.

Apply With Brush
Apply to the surface with a diagonal brushing action from the left to the right. This is then spread further with horizontal strokes before finally laying off with light vertical strokes. This results in any brush marks being able to flow out to give the best possible finish.

Available as a two component kit. 1 US G /5 US G Kit.

Thin And Clean Up
Thinning not typically required. Use only with ORGANIX recommended thinner. Clean all equipment thoroughly with Lacquer Thinner or ORGANIX recommended one. Clean up with Lacquer Thinner ORGANIX recommended one.Use proper clothing, preferably minimum 60% cotton and equipment to protect skin from contact even though here are no specific antidotes for skin irritation. If it gets in eyes, should be washed with water or saline solution at least for ten minutes. Safety boots that are anti-static should cover at least the ankles. Natural ventilation is necessary during the application. Avoid spraying in high wind. Consult ORGANIX safety support for further assistance

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