Organix Building System

EPDM Waterproofing System

EPDM Waterproofing & Vapour Barrier Membrane
Organix ULTRAL EPDM 150  Waterproofing and Vapour barrier  membrane is fully cross-linked molecular structured .  It is is much safer with flame free and easy installation . Maintenance free and eco friendly with a service life of more than 50 years . Since it is a cold applied product provides additional work safety . Due to its long lasting durability , the synthetic rubber has a positive environmental impact and can be recycled in an eco-friendly manner.


  • Superior durability
  • Seamless sheets for larger areas
  • High flexibility and elongation (- 40 °C )
  • LEED and Green Building comply
  • Permanently resistant to UV and Ozone
  • Excellent resistance to extreme weather
  • Extremely resistant to chemicals
  • Anti root and excellent resistance to aging

Ultral EPDM Roof Waterproofing System
High Quality EPDM roofing membrane for commercial , industrial and residential roofs combining global expertise with the world’s best technology. Organix Ultral EPDM elastomeric sheet waterproofing membranes for out standing waterproofing and weather proofing performance with fire retardant options , fleece back options and white EPDM membrane options to comply with project requirements and specifications . Ultral EPDM membrane confirmed to ASTM D 4637 standard and meet the requirements of LEED/ ESTIDAMA / DM Green building confirmation . ULTRAL EPDM is suitable for all types of roofing , both ballasted and totally adhered or with different mechanical anchorage options. Superior Performance Ultral EPDM membrane is far more superior to other roof waterproofing systems because of its unique ability to withstand excessive movement as well as being extremely UV, impact and chemical resistant .Ultral EPDM membranes are also highly capable of withstanding extreme temperature fluctuations and unlike other rubber membranes , will resist damage caused by acidity .Ultral EPDM ( ethylene diene Monomer ) is a superior rubber material whose principal components consists of the compounds ethylene and propylene and adding diene to these compounds results a strong flexible waterproofing membrane formation.

Ultral EPDM Building Envelope System
Façade , Curtain Wall , Doors , Windows , Louvers Perimeter Vapour Barrier and waterproofing membrane .Membrane System provide vapour control layers and waterproof barriers for curtain walls and its perimeters .With energy regulations and climate policy targets establishing strict requirements for future buildings , installing systems that protect the building envelope from weather and ensuring that the building’s internal climate and living conditions can be maintained or improved is becoming increasingly important .

Organix ULTRAL EPDM vapor barrier membrane sheets has been designed for durability and longevity of the façade structures and finishing by providing building protection as well as  inside comfort living . Voids in construction and openings created for fenestration systems must be properly sealed to provide the vapour barrier , air leakage and entry points for moisture .ULTRAL EPDM Façade Sealing System provides a durable solution for vertical surfaces and ensures a secure closure of the building envelope .Organix ULTRAL EPDM sealing ensures no water droplets penetrate the system .

Ultimate durability
EPDM provides unparalleled resistance against UV light and ozone when compared to other rubber membranes and highly resistant to tearing , puncturing and impact .

Ultral EPDM Substructure and Foundation Waterproofing
ULTRAL EPDM 150  also used for basements , ponds , water reservoirs in a variety of climates . EPDM 150 which confirms to ASTM D 6134 specifically designed  for the under the ground applications with added properties to withstand the earth movements , highly resistant to soil chemicals and flexibility at very low temperature(-50°C) . ULTRAL EPDM unreinforced elastomeric membrane uses for loose laid installation in basement and foundations to protect building from high ground water . Organix ULTRAL EPDM tanking membrane are safe for the future with superior longevity and low impact on the environment .

The elasticity of ULTRAL EPDM 150 absorb any movements in the construction and is chemically & thermally stable with exceptional weatherability and longevity properties . EPDM systems last more than 40 years with its unique saturated properties to withstand any climate conditions of all seasons globally.

Ultral EPDM Podium and Terrace Garden Waterproofing
Waterproofing buried podium deck and Terrace gardens with ULTRAL EPDM anti root waterproofing elastomeric sheet is a permanent solution to protect the building structure and provide ultimate comfortable living . ULTRAL EPDM High Performance waterproofing solution provide durable protection to the building structure from water and highly root resistant to  provide landscape  and garden .EPDM waterproofing sheet membranes are extremely flexible which can absorb the movements and heavy traffic at the terrace utility areas.

Green Podium gardens offer an opportunity to experience green living in the hustle of city living and ULTRAL EPDM elastomeric membrane ensure the green podium garden is properly waterproofed and protected to avoid adverse impact on the day to day operations of the building . Essential to a functional , Organix ULTRAL EPDM flexible waterproofing layer provide watertight green podium to comply with project specifications and requirements as well as protect the building structure from any type of weather conditions .

Environmentally friendly
The single step installation process with the auxiliaries D FIX EPDM bonding adhesive , PRIMEX Lap adhesive and ULTRAL LAP sealing compound enables a quick and mess free application which is completely health and earth safe . The manufacturing process of ULTRAL EPDM has no adverse affects on the surrounding environment . The product can also be further recycled when necessary .Once Installed ULTRAL EPDM membranes require no maintenance and will last over 40 years under any challenging climate conditions .

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