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In the construction industry, the word ‘joint’ is referred to different to the meeting point of different elements, material, and trades. A joint happens where two components joints might happen within an element of a building or even at the part of an interface in the middle of two elements. Here, comes the need for the Construction Joint Sealants in order to fill the gap. It is important to keep the construction point safe from water, air, heat, cold, and vapor.

A renowned construction chemical manufacture, Organix Building System is enjoying a worldwide presence to serve and assists the business with the best quality range of Construction Joint Sealants Dubai UAE. We keep our products up to date with the latest ecological, health, and safety trends and give VOC certificates for different construction chemical products.

Why it is important to use the Construction Joint Sealants?

At the construction site, things such as the concrete slab, the roofing membrane, the glass facade element, the metal cover - usually don’t allow the water, moisture, or air to get into the structure or building. At the points of the leakage, there are high chances for the weakening of the building. Just rightly specified and professionally applied high-quality joint sealants will handle to keep your building or structure sustainably tight during its whole lifespan.

When selecting a Joint Sealant Solution, Organix Building System recommends...
  • For non-porous substrates such as glass and metal, choose Organix Building System’s pioneering silicone range.
  • For leaky substrates such as bricks, concrete, and masonry, select highly advanced polyurethane sealants.
  • For joints that are quite broad for applied sealants or needs considerable waterproofing, joint tapes, water bars, and injection hose systems are advised according to the specific requirement of the projects.
  • For special applications where a broad bond range is essential alike to the window installations, the special silane-modified polymer sealants are the bulk of the appropriate.

A construction joint must also be utilized in cases of equipment collapse, an unforeseen shortage of stuff, terrible weather, though the joint must still be worked into the pattern of the joining, positioned where a tightening joint was designed. If that's not promising, the odd segment may later have to be eliminated.

Highly appropriate for the masonry hairline cracks and sealing concrete, sealing around window and door setting ups and sealing around fittings, sanitary fittings, and skirting boards among others. Contact us now for more information.


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