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Should You Be Getting Heat Insulation Roof Coating For Your Home?

Posted by Admin on February, 13, 2021

If where you live is dominated by hot days, then your shingles of dark colour are probably adding to the heat of your house interior. This heat rise can accelerate the cooling costs, specifically during the hottest times like in the afternoon, when the providers of electricity are vulnerable to blackouts and other issues.

Fortunately, you can contribute to minimizing the use of electricity through heat insulation roof coating. But how to determine if you need to add the roof coating to your house or not? Here are some of the best-known advantages of adding heat insulation roof coating to your roof.

It Renders Exemplary Protection to Your Roof

A heat insulation roof coating is trusted to have the sun’s harmful UV rays reflected from the surface of your roof, henceforth offering 100% protection to your roof from early degradation and aging, while extending the roof’s lifespan. From blisters to roof decays, a majority of roof problems are mainly caused by the damaging rays of the sun.It Minimizes the Cost and Usage of Energy Cooling

Cool roof systems offer a substantially cooler temperature in the interiors because they can protect them from soaking the heat from the sun, hence there is a lesser transfer of heat to the building from the roof, resulting in the building stay cooler for a long-time san the use of air conditioning.

It Reduces the Life-Cycle Costs

The heat insulation roof coatings reduce the cost of roof maintenance and extend the roof’s life span beyond the traditional roofing, thanks to their reflective and protective features.

It Lends Better Productivity and Comfort

The temperatures are low inside the buildings of a heat insulation cool roof and don’t fluctuate more, leading to greater productivity for customers and employees.


The heat insulation cool roof comprises of low contents of volatile organic compounds based on the requirements and the coatings of the roof to get your present commercial roof restored and renewed. Choosing to install a cool roof system, to your roof surface can help in improving your environment as they assist in reducing emissions in the environment by slacking down on the air-conditioning use.

Which Heat Insulation Roof Coating Is Ideal for You?

The cool roof paint is available in two forms. Cementitious coatings are prepared using particles of ceramic and concrete which are dissolved in white acrylic paint. The elastomer coatings on the other hand include extra polymers to keep the coatings 2x times resistant to water and brittle. Because cool roofs are capable of drawing humidity, it also encourages mild and algae growth.

The solar reflectance of the roof surface is improved by your cool roof coatings, and as a result in reduced electric bills. Most also include UV-resistant materials, which can help in prolonging the lifespan of your roof.

Can You Use Heat Insulation Roof Coating on Your Existing Roof?

Not all roofs qualify for heat insulation roof coating in Dubai UAE. However, for example, if you are staying in an area with shorter days of summer and chilly winters, the roof coatings might lead to increased energy bills.

You must make your decision, depending on the average humidity of your location. Excess moisture is drawn by cool roofs since there isn’t sufficient heat for the water to evaporate away. And in regions with excess humidity, the homeowners might encounter problems with mold and algae, which can result in roof degradation over time and minimize its lifespan.

Heat Insulation Roof Coating is Good for Which Roof?

The best roofs for heat insulation roof coating are the ones with low slope and pitch. These roofs absorb more solar radiation because they are positioned to receive the rays of the sun directly.

Insulation of your roof is important to keep the interiors cool and also to bring down the energy costs. Save up on your air-conditioner bills by opting for heat insulation roof coating.

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